My name is Elke and started StyleTrader in 2008.
My passion for fashion, fetish for shoes, bags, jewelry and absolutely loving making everyone look gorgeous, landed me in my spot of becoming a stylist and personal shopper for many.
I also enjoy talking a lot, so when one of the ladies gave me a microphone one day at their charity tea, I just let go and spoke about everything and anything that comes across the Fashion globe and how it affects us not only from the outside but also from a personal level.
I have been requested several times to speak at functions and thoroughly enjoy the giggles I get across the room when I touch on certain topics.
Everyone can relate to fashion, it is just wether you got your Style right or not and that, my friends, is what StyleTrader is there for!

I am also a mother of 2 beautiful children who are the most honest dear souls you will ever come across and should you ever need to know the answer to: “How do I look?” …well just ask them and they will tell you straight!

My dear husband has been my rock for the last 12 years and eventually given up with the shoes that doesn’t seem to disappear, so he built me my own designed dressing room with a wall to wall shoe rack. Now, that is exactly what every girl should have and trust me…I can design the greatest of wardrobes or dressing rooms even with the tiniest of spaces!

I think thats about enough said about me, so I do hope you enjoy my blog just as much as I enjoying writing them for you.


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