Work, eat, play…repeat.

Ever watched that movie, Groundhog Day? Yeah, that annoying one where the story is about the same day repeats over and over… well, I kinda feel like I’m currently living a bit of a Groundhog Day life. 

Alarm goes off, feet out of bed, coffee, make lunch for kids, get ready, take them to school, go to gym, fetch kids, buy the bread and milk, make supper, have a glass of wine, have a bath, go to bed…and repeat.

I’m a bit bored and want to break out of this jail I am caught in…it’s not me. It’s not even nearly a close resemblance of my aries, go-getting, fighter spirit personality??? So what has happened? Which era am I stuck in? Is this already mid life crisis? Hell, I haven’t even reached forty yet! No ways I can be going through mid life crises? 

I’ve even tried running different routes every single day I go jogging just to vary from the same old boring path, but not even that quite tickles my fancy. 

So I am thinking…am I the only one feeling this way? Is it a phase? What spices can I add to my daily routine to well…spice up my day? Or do I have to start facing the reality that I am going to be stuck in Groundhog Day for a while still? 

If that is the case then all I can say is this… work hard, eat well and play even harder…then you hit the “next track” button and play that tune harder until you drown out the boring sounds of Groundhog Day!


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