It’s not easy, but you are still a woman!

As I stood in front of my cupboards with clothes filled from every colour of the rainbow, I just could not help myself but wonder why there are so many women (and men) still out there that actually could not care about what they look like when the leave the house?

I know there are days that I also just dont feel like dressing up and raising two kids and a husband (smile) is really not an easy job. But I would still leave the house feeling at least a bit “OK” if you know what I mean?

A bit of make-up or a touch of mascara – that’s all it sometimes take to just make you look like you are alive and still kicking. (And not like the zombie we as mothers sometimes feel like!)

Why then are there those that have just “given up” as I see it?

I will never forget the way my mom used to dress up every day and make sure she looks her best when my father arrives back home. During the day, she did the chores around the house and as soon as it became time for my dad to come home, she used to put her hair in curlers, dress nicely and always put a bit of make-up on. He never once came home to an “unkept” wife! I admired that of her so much.

And then I think of the ladies back then who dressed themselves to the best of their ability. Look at the 1930’s dress style – sleek, beautiful and immaculate. Even in the 50’s and 60’s the ladies were never seen in a pair of “slacks” and t-shirts hanging out.

Where has our pride and dignity as women gone?

I love the picture below that so nicely put’s it:

“I often wonder if more girls were willing to be ladies, more guys would feel challenged to be gentlemen.”

Just try to dress your best when you leave the house…see what a difference it makes in your day. And if you want to start small…start with a dash of lipstick!



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