What has happened to the World?

I am lying in bed and unable to sleep at 3:02am. The thoughts of what was once good yet no longer exists, runs and races through my head.

Perhaps these thoughts keep me awake as I have just celebrated another birthday and feel time is running away from me? And for some reason as I got out of bed yesterday, I had a memory of  my 8th birthday. I remember jumping out of my bed, stretching my fingers high up to the ceiling and then ran to my mom delightfully declaring how sure I am that I  have grown at least 30cm overnight now that I am 8 years old! Amazing!

It is a magical feeling being a child – so innocent, unaware of the bad things happening outside the “protective bubble” each and every child should actually be  kept in for a good chunk of their childhood portion I would say!

And where I stand today and having to look back on my childhood years, I think we pretty much had it very easy compared to today’s children. We, at least, got to be children and our teething rings werent exchanged for some tablet or mobile phone when we were just 6 months old. We werent forced to grow up at a pace that we were not quite ready for. We were not exposed to the fast paced technology and immense peer pressure these kids have to face today. And studying was actually easier without the ever distracting  mobile phone lying next to you.

Technology has its pro’s and cons – don’t get me wrong, but as I look at the world today, it sure has more cons than anything else lately. Social Media has completely got out of hand, people spying and snarling at each other over these platforms, bullying posts made by mature adults, teenagers using vulgar language for everyone to see, video posts that should not even be exposed to others yet goes viral…you name it…the pure platforms that breeds hate, jealousy, mistrust …. anything that is an emotional target to a human being has been destroyed by a simple device that has the power to make or break human relationships and communication.

I look back today, and wish that things were simpler again. I don’t want the negative news all around me or near me. I want to live a happy life.  It is a decision and choice I make and therefore, I do my best in my own capacity to inspire people who have lost all trust and faith in humanity and I try to slowly help rebuild some form of society I once knew… people who smiled and laughed, talked to each other on a bus or in a queue or just in passing. I long for proper civilisation where people are positive and motivated.

As I try to raise my children in the best possible way I can, I also try to see the world through their eyes and  I must admit, that I honestly do feel sorry for them. BUT… it is my duty as their parent to make sure that I teach them the basic values and morals of life, like how to greet an adult with respect,  being courteous, sharing, caring….. and the rest of the choices will be up to them… if they have the ground stability guidelines … then I am sure they will flourish as adults one day.

I know I am extremely blessed – we all are in some or other way, you just have to be grateful for what ever you think you are blessed with. So then when I think…what has happened to our world???… I rather think… have some faith, have some hope and just imagine what wonderful things could still happen to the world.

If we can all just add  little seeds of positivity in our day… can you imagine the possibilities of the human race! We are after all, only human…but whether we want to be good or bad at it… it is still our choice.


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